Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

Today was cleaning day!! I almost always do my major weekly cleaning on Monday but last night as I was reading blogs I read about some Spring Cleaning at the Homespun Heart and I was inspired to work extra hard today and try to get extra cleaning done. Though I didn't get as much done as I would have loved too, I thought I would share what I did get done.We started ad about 8 am. We put off starting school until 10am (we usually start at 9) so the kids were able to help me a lot. I enjoy seeing others pictures of before and after so I took some for you to see too.

Before After
(Seeing these pictures now, I realize I didn't really get detail well enough for you to tell the difference but I guess you can pretend. :-)

What we did in the Kitchen and Dining Room:
  • Washed the chairs.
  • Cleared off all the counter top and washed it.
  • Scrubbed the sink.
  • Wiped down all the appliances
  • Cleaned the microwave
  • Washed windows (They get really yucky at our house!!).
  • Swept and mopped.
  • Cleaned out the junk drawer.
  • Watered the plants.
  • Scrubbed the stove top.
  • Scrubbed down the dish drainer.
  • Emptied out the recycling under the sink.
  • Washed the trash can.
  • Trimmed the stuff off of our tablecloth that made it look like a shower curtain. ;-). (The map that we had been using on our table got rather worn out so Ken ended up trashing it. He bought us a new one that was laminated but I decided we had better protect it better. I looked for a transparent table cloth but didn't find one so I decided to get a shower curtain instead- It works.)
  • Put away all odds and ends.

Before After

What we did:

  • Washed towels and dirty clothes. (I did 5 loads of laundry today, though I confess the last one is still in the dryer. The rest are folded and put away.)
  • Swept and mopped.
  • Washed mirror and counter top.
  • Scrubbed sink, tub, and inside and out of the toilet.
  • Changed rug.
  • Straightened up closet.

Before After

The living room. What we did:

  • Put away stuff.
  • Sorted through magazines and catalogs and got rid of some.
  • Dusted.
  • Vacuumed (including under all furniture except piano).
  • Rearranged. (While I was moving stuff to Vacuum Jonathan really wanted us to rearrange so we did. The kids are quite excited as that is something I rarely do.)
  • Watered plants.
  • I wanted to do some carpet spot cleaning, clean to furniture and polish furniture and wash the windows but that is now waiting until tomorrow.

The boys room Before and after.

What we did:

  • Got kids out of bed.
  • Changed sheets.
  • Put things away.
  • Pulled everything out from under bed and put and threw things away and vacuumed.
  • Vacuumed room.

I also did a full job of cleaning the entry way with vacuuming, mopping, dusting and putting things away but the pictures didn't turn out well. I do truly love working hard all day and having something to show for it. I am thankful for my very good work crew as well.

If this inspired you at all then happy cleaning to you!!!


MandyBoggs said...

Wow, I'm tired just thinking about it! It does feel sooooo good though to get all the extra things done. Have a great DAY 2 of cleaning!

thehomespunheart said...

Great job! You sure got a lot accomplished for one day! :) Thanks for joining the challenge!

All in a Day said...

Looks wonderful! Great job. Thanks for the reminder to wash the chairs. :)

Becky R said...

Wow, yesturday I was proud of myself for getting the kitchen floor swept and all other room back to looking like they did in am (before any daycare kids arrived.) you rock! -Becky in NJ

miranda said...'s a hubby is sick (for going on over a week now), but I am hoping that I can get Kadence to help with a few things here and there while Brayden is napping :)...I am also amazed at the amount you accomplished in one day. I can't wait til my kids are old enough to help too :).


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