Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun and frugal things to do in the Spring!

Happy Spring to all of you! We are very excited around here that Spring has arrived. I honestly do like winter and the beautiful snow, frosty trees, ice on the lake and all the fun things to do but still when Spring comes it is so very welcome each and every year! Living in Northern Minnesota even though it is officially Spring it will still be a while before we are completely without snow and can work in our gardens. However we still can enjoy the springtime.

This morning my kids and I had a fun time thinking of some things that are fun (and FRUGAL!) to do in the Springtime. Most of them are very simple day to day things but are still a lot of fun. We can do them with a joyful attitude because God has given us Spring, full of new life and promise of good things to come.

  • Take a bike ride. Now that the snow is off the road and we can bundle up a little less, bike riding is a very fun thing to do. (From Aaron)

  • Go play in the woods.(from Mara who truly loves the outdoors)

  • Find books about Spring at the Library and have fun reading them together.

  • Fly a kite.(here are some plans for making your own)

  • Listen and watch for birds. Mara reported hearing the Chickadee singing its Spring song and I saw a Canadian goose flying by.

  • Plant some seeds. (from Jonathan) If your weather is like ours you can plant them inside or if you live in a warmer area you can plant them outside.

  • Make a bird house (from Jonathan) Go here to find some directions.

  • Go to a farm and see the baby animals.

  • Tap some Maple trees and make some maple syrup. We don't get to do this at our place as we don't have any maple trees but my parents do. They tapped them this week (which unfortunately we missed out on) but they will be working on collecting and boiling down for several weeks now. We are looking forward to going out and helping with that.

  • Have a tea party.

  • Go out and have fun swinging on a swing. (from Aaron)

  • Climb trees (from Mara)

  • Jump Rope (from Jonathan)

  • Pull out the sidewalk chalk and have fun making some outdoor art.

  • Play a game of catch.

  • Pull out the mud boots and have fun stepping in mud puddles.

  • Make some cards with Spring things on them and then have fun sending them to people.

  • Do some Spring cleaning.

  • Plan the garden. Every year before I plant I like to make a plan on paper to show where everything will go.

  • Make an origami boat to float in the mud puddles.

  • Blow bubbles.

What are some things that you like to do in the Spring?

For more Frugal ideas, visit Frugal Friday at Biblical Womanhood.

I am sorry the pictures are laid out so weirdly, when I get so many of them they seem to have a mind of their own and no matter how much I edit I can't seem to get them right.


Mom2fur said...

Wow, your kids sure do know how to make the most of a season!

Mom2fur said...
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All in a Day said...

I like your pictures!

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