Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Sweet kids

Yesterday it was pretty warm out. The snow was melting and it felt like spring. Megan has figured out how to get her mud boats (which we just pulled out of storage) on all by herself. She put them on and figured she was ready to go on a walk. Here she is on our deck enjoying the independent feeling that Spring gives you.

Poor Aaron wasn't feeling very good yesterday. He was running a fever and pretty much slept the day away. He was so sweet though. Last night when we were heading to church (Ken was staying at home to take care of him) he pulls himself out of bed and cry because he wanted to go too. Even though he was feeling rotten he didn't want to miss church. When he was laying out on the couch in the morning Megan tried to take care of him by saying comforting words to "Brother" (as she has just started calling him and Jonathan). She would also try to pull the blanket over his head which didn't really help him feel better so we found her other things to do.

Yesterday afternoon it started raining. Megan thought the drops on the outside of the windows looked like we were ready to wash windows so she ran to get a rag to try to dry them off. For some reason it didn't seem to get them dry from the inside! :-)

I find it so much fun to observe what all my kids are learning just from watching those around them.


Betsy Cradic said...

You do have sweet kids.

Anonymous said...

Sweet stories! Anna


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