Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Works for me Wednesday ~backwards edition

I am late getting this posted for Works for me Wednesday as it is now Thursday but I had a question that I thought maybe you could help me with so I decided to go ahead and post this.
Last summer we were using for the first time the sprinkler system that Ken had installed. It was very nice since we have been having drought weather and I am trying to grow many things. However our problem was that we have hard water and it was hitting the house (our white house) in some places. We didn't really notice it at first as it sprinkles mostly in the early morning and we are not out and about. But after a while we noticed that in spots our house was turning orange. At that time we should have hurried to adjust the spray on the sprinklers but we didn't and it got worse. Now we have a white house with big orange spots!! Not good! Afterwards I tried doing a lot of scrubbing with vinegar in hopes that it would come off without poisoning my plants underneath but that didn't work. We were told about some chemical stuff (CLR I believe that we did buy that should take it off but I am a little reluctant to use it because it might kill my plants. Anyway does anybody know of a natural solution that will get rid of hard water stains?
(Oh, I did also try Meleluca tub and tile shower cleaner which works well in my bathroom but it didn't work either.)
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All in a Day said...

Yuck! We had the same thing happen to our van. We were told to use CLR also, but I think the rain and sunshine finally took care of it because I don't remember buying any.


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