Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our "Almost Spring Tea Party"

On Wednesday day afternoon at around 4 pm (the proper hour for tea) we had a tea party at our house. In our manners book we have been reading about how to have a proper tea and thought that it would be fun to have one while the Corders were here and since Martha and her kids are back in the area. So Keren and Martha and children came over and we had a proper tea time.

This (above) was the table for the middle aged in our group(Mara, Aaron, Molly, Jonathan and Kelsey). Mara read up on how to be a proper hostess and she presided over this table.

At their table we used our napkins (that had come from my Grandma) that were edged with rick rack, we found some green vinca vines outside that we washed up to decorate each plate with and then Mara made name cards and we also added a chocolate egg.

This was the young folks table with Heidi, McKayla, Megan and Lars. We put Megan in charge but since she was still a little sleepy from her nap we had to give her a little help. Lars had been all dressed up in a vest and all to come to the party but that was soon chocolate covered. This was quite a cute group who for the most part just drank milk.

Here is the old folks table (missing me). We used the narcissus that I had grown for decoration.

For yummy things to eat we had Juneberry Scones (our manners book had a yummy recipe for scones that were supposed to have raisins or currants but we used Juneberries as that is what we had). Scones are the proper thing to have at tea. We also had cucumber sandwiches with are made with thinly sliced cucumbers and cream cheese. That was another thing that our manners book said was neccasary. We hadn't had them before but we really enjoyed them. For our tea we offered herbal teas, either peppermint or blueberry with it we offered sugar and cream.

We had fun at our tea party. I think it would be fun to have a another one outside this summer.

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