Sunday, November 23, 2008

Going through my pictures...

I have been going through my files of pictures trying to make them at least somewhat orderly!! In doing that I found several pictures that I thought would be fun to share. So here are a few odds and ends of pictures! :-)

When I found Megan on the wheelbarrow playing this summer it made me smile (please excuse the spaghetti face!), It reminded me of some fun times as a child playing for long periods of time just like this on a wheelbarrow. My sister Anna and I would each be on a different wheelbarrow and we would "Drive" our "Cars" by spinning the wheel. What fun!
This commic that was on display in the Children's science museum in St. Paul made me smile. You might need to click on it in order to read it.

Some of Jonathans photography. Can you guess what it is? (for the answer look at the bottom of the post)

My tree climbing girl. For a while it seemed like I was regularly having to rescue her from this tree. One time when she was out with the boys she even decided to relieve herself in it! Believe me, rescuing her that time wasn't all that pleasant.

Giving Clover and ride on the simple swing Uncle Luke helped the kids create.

Answer to above question: It is of looking down inside a beer bottle which we found in the woods when blueberry picking. I thought it was a rather creative picture.

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Keren said...

THose are really sweet pictures. Mara a clover look so very picture bookish :)


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