Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remembering a fun summer day.

In July my good friend Christy and her 3 youngest children (though another has arrived now and was with her then but we didn't get to see him!!) came to visit for a couple of days. We had a wonderful time and one day we decided to go and pick blueberries and we also thought it would be fun to try to find other wild foods and see if we could live off of the land. We got a little bit of a late start however so I decided to bring a pot of chili along as well. We got our buckets, some fishing line and hooks, a little flour and grease (for the fish) and a little trowel and we were ready to go. (I also had some books along for identifing stuff. )

We ended up having some issues with our wild foods! :-) The fish weren't to be found and it was awfully hard to stop picking berries in order to look for other foods. So we ate our soup and then the kids really wanted to make something else so we gathered some cattail stems and the kids chopped them fine and we mixed them in with the flour, blueberries, some water and a little grease and make some scones for a snack and then went home for supper.

Here is the pictures of our very fun day. By the way this post is dedicated to Venessa who thought it was awful that Christy came to visit me and I didn't post about it. :-)

Looking for worms with no success.
Levi and Megan stirring up a pot of dirt and pine needles. We weren't that hungry!

Checking out the water. (We were on the Mississippi but it isn't very mighty here.)

Megan doing some babysitting.

Warming a mother's heart.

Can you find the berries? The're pretty small.

My sweet girl.
Making the "scones".
Do they look good?

When are they going to be ready?
Patiently waiting.

We'll take seconds.

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Venessa said...

Ok, now I feel much better... ( : You are too funny! Your scones do look good but I can't say that the ingredients you listed... cattail stems? Those don't sound the most appetizing. ( : It looks like everyone enjoyed them so maybe I don't know what I am missing. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Are you going to your parents house or do you have something at your house? We will have 20 of us here at our house. We usually have the people who don't have any family close by. We always have a really nice time. We share in the cooking so it's not too much for any of us. Then we have a Thanksgiving Rally starting on Fri. morning and ending Sat. after lunch. Jordan and Danielle Merrill are staying with us through the weekend so we will have a busy but fun week. Anyway - this post has now turned into a little letter! ( : Have a great night and thanks for my special post! ( :


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