Thursday, November 6, 2008

The party is over...

....and I am still tired!! Actually I guess I caught some sort of bug and so I have just been doing the minimum the last couple of days and trying to recuperate.

Ken and I were heavily involved in getting together a "Victory" party for the Republicans in our county. I had fun working together (with a couple of others) to get food lined up and plan decorations. We decided to have it a little more elegant than some of our get togethers, using glass serving platters, candles and flowers, etc. Ken did a lot of work to make a computer program to work with a power point projector so that he could have updated results for all the different races we were trying to follow.
This was our hors d'oeuvres table. We had a variety of food and had little flag toothpicks to eat meatballs and such with. I made a fruit arrangement in an iceblock.

We had a good crowd, people came and went but I am quite sure we had well over 100 in all.

The results of the election were however pretty disappointing on both a local and national level (Though Ken and I were happy with how the Mayor and city council races went - but we didn't get to vote on them anyway.) , that kind of made the party not feel real party like. It does look like our Senator Coleman made it back into office but there is going to be a recount to make sure.

Even with the disappointment of all of our hard work seeming to come to nothing I still realize that our God is great and mighty. He is still alive and working and we have absolutely no reason to fear! We do need to continue to pray for our leaders however and in our nation we can even go beyond that and get involved to try to help steer this country in a better direction.

I enjoyed listening to Focus on the Family's broadcast today on their thoughts following the election. It really reminded me of how powerful prayer is.

What are your thoughts?

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