Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Homemade Christmas ~ Week 4

Welcome to the 4th week of a Homemade Christmas. Feel free to check out week 1, week 2 and week 3 as well. And don't forget to come back for the remaining 4 weeks!

This week I had a lot of fun trying something new and that is appliqueing on cardstock. I made these little gift tags and they were a simple and fun project.

What you need to make them are: Cardstock, little fabric scraps, thread and a sewing machine, ribbon or string, stamps or pen for the "To" and "From" and also a fusible web makes it work nice and easy.

How to do it:
  1. Iron "wonder under" (a transfer web) on the back side of some fabric scraps and then cut them into stars and hearts (or any shape you desire, a pine tree would also be cute).
  2. Then iron them onto the little cardstock tags. I cut out the tags the same size as a business card.
  3. Next using a small zig-zag and a really fine stitch sew around your shape.
  4. Using a complementing color zig-zag around the edge of your tag.
  5. Using either stamps or writing neatly put a "To" and "From" on your tag.
  6. Punch a hole and put a ribbon, cord or string through it so that it can be tied to a package.
  7. That's it!! Now you can have fun using it.

So far this is all I have used this method for but I also want to try making cards with sewing as well as bookmarks. Do you have any other ideas for using sewing on cardstock?

Here are some other gift ideas:

How about you? What fun stuff have you been making at your house? Please share! (Either in the comments or post about it and add your link.)


The Eckerts said...


That is so neat that you sewed onto the cardstock. I gave our Mother's last Mother's Day cards that I sewed pieced of fabric shaped like flowers on and loved the idea. I've been trying to find some other ideas since then. I've never heard of that stuff you put on the back of the fabric. I used it without it. Does it help?

I will be sure and let you know what I come up with!

Angie said...

what is it you are talking about that you put in the back? Never heard of it? Could you pic it? That would be great. I ahve to get a lil creative with gifts this year as I am sure a lot of ppl do. Hope you have a great holiday. BTW we may be up your way this Christmas holiday.


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