Saturday, November 1, 2008

Super Saving Saturday

Today I had fun doing a little "Treasure Hunting" shopping at K-mart. They have a week long double coupon event. (Though they won't double Internet coupons or I am sure I could have gotten many more deals!) I was able to get the stuff picture above for 19 cents (plus tax) with coupons. I brought many more coupons along but quite a few things K-mart didn't carry and then the other stuff was more money than I wanted to spend (even with the doubled coupon!).
Sometimes with this sort of deal I buy stuff that I wouldn't personally use (Like the plug-in air freshener) but I do that because they can be fun to stick in gifts (because some people do like them) or I have found they sell well at garage sales.
One of the fun things about bargain shopping is making it so I can more easily give gifts to others. Lately we have been trying to help a mother with her five children that just got into a home after being in a homeless shelter. Today I was able to take a housewarming gift over to her that cost me only pennies.
I included some cleaning supplies (that I earned money on at Walgreens), an air freshener (free with coupon), Chex Mix snack (free with coupons), Some little candy bars (cheap with coupons, rebate and sales), a ham and potato dish (made with free potatoes) , Pumpkin bread (made with free pumpkin) and a homemade card all in a recycled box with recycled tissue paper. The recipient was very appreciative and we had fun giving it and I was able to give that much because I was able to get some good deals.

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Keren said...

They used THe coupons that I printed off of the internet. But they also said manufactures coupons.

Abbi said...

I guess I should have tried, but the fine print in the ad said no internet coupons. I am sure I could have snagged quite a few more deals!

Ang said...

I need to go looking for good deals my gift tote thing is getting empty. I love to have things on hand too that way if I forget which is often the case go there and grab something or things.

Angie said...

OH Abbi I have recently come across a mom that has really helped me with couponing!! You should check out my recent post. GREAT DEALS! Anyway I ran across this site due to my friend.

Angie said...

One trick that she has done that helps us both.. she asked our local Kum and Go if she can HAVE the Des Moines Sunday papers they usually just throw away. Whatever is left at the end of the day. So she just picks them up. Usually she gets between 35-45 papers. Way more coupons that way! Just a thought.


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