Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Homemade Christmas ~ Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of A Homemade Christmas!! I am glad you are joining me!
This week the kids and I have had fun working with paper and old calendars. I thought I would share some of our creations. I really enjoy making cards from time to time and I think they make fun gifts as well. Most people enjoy having pretty note cards to use. I like this sort of gift because it is something that can be used rather than sitting around and collecting dust.
Above is a note card set that I had fun making. What I used was plain white card stock, a picture of flowers from an old calendar (you could also use scrapbook paper, fabric, ribbon or something from a catalog), and peach and green card stock and yellow paper (actually it was part of an old envelope.)
To make the cards I cut a piece of card stock in half and then fold it in half. Then I enjoy making the folded part to look like lattice. I have included a guide for making the lattice if you would like to try it too. Simply click on the patterns at the left which will make them go to another screen and be larger and then print them out. The lattice guide is the lines on the bottom. Fold the paper on the bottom and left hand side lines and then slip you card (folded side in) into the folded pocket that you made. Then following the guide cut the slits on each of the diagonal lines. Remove the card and open it up with the inside facing down. Start at the top and fold the first "V" up, fold it in place. Fold up every other "V". Then tuck the tip of each "V" under the one above. Fold the card in half again as normal.
I also included the flower pattern which I used on the front. For the little box that is in the picture above you can find the pattern here. I also decorated the box with a flower.
I also had fun making a purple version. For the flower and leaves here I used paper from an old calendar. For this little gift container you can use the pattern that is in the image above with the other patterns.
The little box and gift containers are fun to make small homemade gifts seem extra special. Here are some ideas of things you might put in them:
  • Candy (Homemade or otherwise)
  • Homemade soap
  • Jewelry
  • Hair accessories
  • A pretty handkerchief
  • Yummy nuts
  • Potpourri
  • Little cookies
  • Clothespin dolls
  • Hot Choc. Mix (this should also be in a plastic bag.)
  • What else can you think of?

Mara has had lots of fun this week making little boxes. These are some examples of the containers out of card stock weight calendar pictures.

Your turn now!! I would love to have you post about homemade gifts and other homemade Christmas things at your blog and then come and add your link here. I would appreciate it if you would link back to A Homemade Christmas at Proverbs 31 Living. I am looking forward to see what you come up with!


More than Survival said...

CUTE boxes!! I enjoy "re-purposing" things! Great for the budget and also for the environment. I made a practice night gown this weekend. I will be making more for Christmas gifts.
Thanks for hosting this!

Keren said...

Those are very cute. By the way my Idea that I said I had doesn't work. so.... yup. anyhow.

Sarah said...

SO cute! I have one friend that makes homemade cards and hers are my favorites. Most other cards I don't keep but the extra effort is certainly appreciated by recipients. =)

Francine said...

i love your ideas. You so talented. I wanted to add your button to my blog but can't figure out how if you have any suggestions or can tell me how I would so love that. I use blogspot.
My private email is (we have emailed before)


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