Sunday, October 22, 2017

Blowing Your Nose with Zero Waste

One area which I have wholeheartedly embraced the Zero Waste concept for many years now is in the nose blowing department. :-) I switched the handkerchiefs quite some time ago and haven't looked back. For the most part the rest of the family uses them as well but we do have a couple of members that prefer tissues especially when they have colds. It isn't a big deal as tissues can be composted or used to start a fire. But still I do prefer handkerchiefs because I find them softer, cheaper and less wasteful.

I recently made a few new ones (they do wear out from time to time and if everybody gets a cold at once then it would be nice to have more). I simply used a portion of a worn out flannel sheet, cut it into squares and hemmed them up. So nice and easy!
 We use mostly cotton flannel which we like. This is our drawer which is in a central location where we keep the handkerchiefs.

 This system works pretty well for us. Do you use hankies? Have you ever tried it?


Mrs Shoestring said...

I love the idea of a central hanky drawer for all ! It certainly has been a big money saver for us and flannel hankies are softer on your nose when you are not well ! Love the pretty designs on yours !

Nola said...

I haven't tried it because usually when someone gets sick we go through SO much kleenex. It also seems like it could be a lot of extra laundry but I don't know why I think that way as we used cloth diapers, cloth wipes for babies, I use cloth menstral pads, and we use cloth napkins at the table. I draw the line at toilet paper though! LOL.

Abbi said...

Mrs, Shoestring - I agree that they are softer. The hankie drawer has been handy. At our old house we had a basket near the central phone.

Nola, Hankies are definitely some extra laundry but they are so small and easy to fold I don't mind them.


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