Friday, October 6, 2017

Making a Whale From a Milk Jug {Kind of Zero Waste}

This is a fun project that I did earlier this summer for the little kids class at church. It kind of falls in the category of Zero Waste. It is definitely re-purposing things that otherwise would have most likely been wasted but still in the "Zero Waste World" it would have been better to refuse to buy these things in the first place. But just in case like me you already have these things on hand might as well go ahead and find a new life for them. Don't you think?

 I cut milk jugs in "Whale" shapes and then drew details on with a permanent marker. Next I colored them blue with a marker or crayon (either works). To make the tail I cut out that shape from a blue plastic lid and glued it in the neck of the jug.

  I also made little felt finger puppet Jonahs.

  I we using this with a really little kids class so I think I did most of the project ahead of time and then had them color on them. They really enjoyed having this as a take home toy.

   This project is not original with me - I have seen it many places online. But I thought it would be fun to share again as it is a pretty cute way to recycle a milk jug in my opinion.


Nola said...

Cute idea! Around here our milk is sold in bags though not jugs! :) As in, 3 bag pouches go in one bigger milk bag to make up 4 L. We can also get smaller portions in waxed cartons, but its more expensive that way.

Abbi said...

That is interesting! There is one store that I know of in the States (but not our town) that sells milk in bags but everybody else uses jugs. Bags would take up less space in the trash and you could wash them out and reuse them for other food storage I would suppose but I am guessing they aren't recyclable, do you know?


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