Friday, October 20, 2017

A New Homemade Doll

I was working on a silk wedding flower order last week and while I was doing that I had to unwrap a flower "stem" that was covered in this really soft string/thread. I immediately thought - "What pretty hair that would make for a doll. I mentioned it to Megan and she thought it would be lovely too and pretty soon she was working to make a new doll.

 Megan is my doll collector. She enjoys dolls and thinks it is fun to have all different kinds (though her favorites are China dolls). She had really wanted a wax doll so I made her one for a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. She also has made her own dolls and clothes for dolls. She has been making dolls for a long time, this post tells about us making one together in 2010.

  The hair that Megan used for making this doll would have gone to the trash had we not figured out a lovely use for it. If we take the time to think often we can use "trash" rather than sending it to the landfill. What ways have you reused trash?

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