Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The 31st Day of Attempting to Live with Zero Waste

So it has been a month. It has been fun this little challenge of trying to live with Zero Waste. Naturally the zero is not really an attainable goal (rather like the "Be perfect, for I am perfect" sort of thing) but it was something to aim at. Tomorrow I plan on taking trash pictures and giving you a run down on how the month went. I think over all it was pretty good but I will share more details tomorrow. :-)

   I have missed several days of blogging for this series. I rather hope to go back and fill in the empty days but we shall see. 

  The next few weeks look to be pretty busy. We have decided to do a "Handmade Christmas Sale" on the evening of Black Friday and then on Small Business Saturday. I have been looking for ways to earn a little more money just now and we are going to try this out. So I will be very busy working at creating.

Mittens re-purposed from sweaters is the project I am currently working on. This activity isn't completely zero waste but it certainly reduces the amount of waste that needs to go in the landfill. And if I can make some money from it as well - that would be pretty sweet.

   Many of you are familiar with things I have made in the past (and if you are not you could just click on the "Handwork" button on the side bar) and I am curious what you might suggest would be a good item for us to work to make and sell from what you know that we make. And whatever you make you can be pretty sure that I will be keeping it as Zero Waste as possible. :-)



Amy and Mark said...

I have LOVED this series! It has really made us think about what we are buying/using and what we can/should do when we are done with it.

One thing I have really improved on this month is reusing/recycling paper. I am always good about recycyling newspaper, school papers, envelopes, and junk mail. But I often am not so good about little papers like after we cut things out or receipts or coupons. This month we made a huge effort to recycle even those little scraps!

Abbi said...

Thank you so much! That makes me happy to know that it inspired you to watch your waste a little more as well.


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