Saturday, October 21, 2017

Making Butter

I don't find butter highly packaged. The butter wrappers I use to first grease pans and then for fire starter. The box can either be recycled or work for fire started as well. So buying butter even during this "zero waste" month is fine for me. Except....... it has been really expensive lately! And I had extra cream on hand.

So we skimmed the cream off of the milk and made some butter.

It is really pretty easy to do. I reviewed the process by reading this post on Wellness Mama.  We beat it with the mixer until it got past the whipped cream stage and started separating into butter.
You keep going until it is all either liquid (the buttermilk) or in little chunks. You then drain off the buttermilk to use for other purposes (baking and such). Then you rinse the butter a few times and work in some salt if desired.
We got a nice amount of butter to use. And it is cool to be able to make yet another thing that we can get with no packaging!

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