Monday, October 13, 2014

A Chicken Coop Built By Jonathan

 This Spring we thought one of the first things we would get done on our property (following the outhouse) was the chicken coop. But as we couldn't work on it right away as we waited for permits and then things moved along quickly and we really needed to just get the garage done (for living in) the chicken coop kept getting put off. All the supplies were here - neatly piled up under tarps - we just didn't have any time to put them together.

  It came time to move in August and the chicken coop still wasn't done - we hoped that we could do it that last week (before moving) but there just wasn't time - so we asked my dad if he could board our birds and he characteristically said yes. So our birds have been over at my parents.

  Ken and I have continued to stay quite busy - with rock gathering, putting on siding, fall harvesting/food processing and lots of other things and we just didn't manage to work on the chicken coop. The kids however would like to have our birds here and so Ken told Jonathan that he could make the chicken coop if he liked and he gave him the plans, explained a few things and Jonathan got to work. Some of the rest of us have helped too - Aaron, Megan and I helped put poles in and get the base level. Aaron has also helped to hammer quite a few times and Mara or I will run up and help when he needs something lifted up (though he has been moving a lot of 4 x 8 sheets of plywood by himself which I find impressive) and I did help him get all the trusses put in place - mostly though Jonathan has been the one doing the work.

The building is 12 foot by 8 foot with 8 x 8 for the chickens and a 4 x 8 section for a garden shed. The above picture shows the chicken door that will go into the run and the hole for a window.

 This is the garden shed side.
The door to go into the chicken coop.

 I don't have the most recent photo as he does now have sheeting and tar paper on the roof too.

This project has been a great learning experience for Jonathan. He did already know how to use the miter saw, drill and jig saw but now he has learned to use the circular saw as well. He has also learned a lot about framing and following a plan. He also gets to practice a lot of math while working on this project - so though we have been doing a lighter load of schoolwork this fall we still have a lot of learning going on. It has also been good for him in learning some of the joys of being self-motivated and doing a job well. Our neighbors and our contractor have been having fun watching him and are quite impressed with his work.

  I will be linking this to the Homestead Barn Hop


Sheila said...

Impressive, Jonathon!!

magnoliasntea said...

Hi, I'm visiting from the Homestead Barn Hop. Your son is quite the carpenter. Great job! Have a great day!

Martin Meffert said...

Greetings from Germany. We are a family with 2 children (Julian, 24 years and Jasmin 22 years)and we are currently renovating our own old house, too. We learn a lot of you. Jonathan is a real master in working with all the sews - same as our Julian. Good work. All the best to your family and God bless your work. Rgds Martin

Abbi said...

Thanks everyone! We have really enjoyed watching Jonathan work and learn - it is fun to share our joy with others.

Martin- that is neat that you too have found the joy of seeing your children become skilled in carpentry.


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