Saturday, October 18, 2014

So Many Decisions!

 The one thing that I am finding about building a home is that there is an insane amount of decisions to be made!! That is one of the reasons that just buying a home or building it slowly over time would be easier. Oh well - it may be challenging but it is fun too.

  Here are some of the decisions that we have been making this week:

  • Where all the outlets, switches and light fixtures are going. And how many. We are trying to think of everything - but you wonder if you really did.
  • Where all of the plumbing things need to go - like outside spigots, the height of shower heads, and then dealing with figuring out things that needed to be changed because of how the plumbing would be running and things that weren't fitting.
  • What sort of shower that we wanted - after we found out that what we had planned on wasn't available. I guess we are going to put in a tile one. We are going to try to do it ourselves so if you have any tips they would be appreciated!
  • Where all the cultured stone should go on the outside of our house (as it seems we ordered more than we need for the areas that we planned on putting).
  • What sort of bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets that we wanted.
  • What sinks we want.
  • What light fixtures that we want.
  • Continued discussion and research on countertops. I would like slate countertops but our cabinet man (and every other cabinet maker in our area) is unfamiliar with using it and nervous about it. If any of you have experience with slate countertops I would love to hear your thoughts! 
  • Whether to have a doorbell or not.
  • What tile we want.
  • What wood flooring that we want.
  • Trim color.
  • What doors we are getting.
I think that there have actually been quite a lot more than that - but that gives you an idea. We had researched some of these things earlier and thought about them but we hadn't actually made a lot of the decisions and suddenly it needs to be made now. 

  As always I love to hear your tips or thoughts on what makes a great house and what you have really liked or disliked about your home.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Abbi, I think you need a doorbell. If someone knocks at our front door we have difficulty hearing it in the kitchen but we can hear our doorbell. Mom

Abbi said...

That is what we decided too. If we are in the main area we should be able to hear a knock but if we were upstairs or in the basement or maybe even in the laundry room then we quite possibly wouldn't hear.

Carmen N said...

We built our house 10 years ago but I remember those days. I eventually went into decision overload and my husband ended up picking out the last light fixtures by himself. I just couldn't make anymore decisions.

Our favorite points about our house that we made conscious decisions about:
* pull-out cabinet drawers in the kitchen
* lots of lighting in the kitchen
* we went with a natural stone island countertop but have since switched to butcher block; I like this so much more - no more worrying about setting something too hot on it.
* x-large master shower; we did the tiling ourselves. Just make sure you put a rubber mat under the base (in case the tile cracks/grout leaks) and use an epoxy grout.
* our doors are all solid instead of the "standard" hollow-core. Much nicer.
* one thing we just added this year: ceiling fans in the upstairs bedrooms. Helps with cooling in summer.
* our trim is all real wood stained in Early American. We were lucky and got our trim, cabinets and wood flooring from local Amish. We had to finish ourselves (except the cabinets), but it was worth it.

Whatever you do, don't paint dark-colored half walls in the bathrooms; it's amazing the TP "dust" that ends up on them! LOL

Anonymous said...

If you want art on your tile in the shower, check out Paul Lewing Custom Tile. (just google it) You don't pay for white tiles so if it were me, I'd be making sure it was small and lots of white… but if your dreaming… go big right?
-someone in ND


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