Saturday, October 4, 2014

Putting up Siding

 The siding is going on the garage. One of the things that we decided we would do ourselves on our house is the siding. Ken chose (with my agreement) Cedar impression poly shake siding. It is a no maintenance siding which was very important to us but it was more interesting than just your typical vinyl or steel siding.

  We bought the bulk of our siding from Menards. We had picked out the type we wanted early on and then Ken happened to be going through Menards one day and noticed that it was significantly on sale and decided we would order it right away. Once he went to order it and when it was figured out that he wanted 6 pallets of it they did some double checking and figured out that they had the wrong price posted and that what they had up was below cost - but they ended up letting us have it for that price anyway. It was still expensive but we saved thousands of dollars and for that we are very thankful.

We are planning on siding the house and all of the outbuildings and Ken decided that he would start on the back of the garage.

First goes on a layer of tin down at the bottom. Mara helped with that the other day.

 Then you attached a metal guide and then put on the siding. The siding goes up pretty fast unless you have to do a lot of cutting.

  When we were picking out the siding we carefully looked at the samples and at pictures of houses and then made our choice of color. When it came though I felt a little scared at first as it was more orange/mustard colored than I had remembered. I am getting used to the color now though and I think it will look good. Color choices for the exterior can be so hard as you can't just replace it if it doesn't look like you wanted.

  Siding was one of the projects that went on around here today.

What did you do today?

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