Friday, October 10, 2014

Life on the Family Farm - Under an Open Heaven {Book Review}

I have been enjoying reading aloud "Life on the Family Farm - Under and Open Heaven" to my kids lately. It is a book written by and about Tom Heck - a dairy farmer in Northwestern Wisconsin.

 Each chapter is it's own separate short story about Tom and his wife Joanne and their two kids. Mostly it is of things that happened on their farm though sometimes we hear a bit about Tom's growing up years and things like that. We (and Aaron - our future farmer/rancher probably the most) were rather excited about reading this book. We love reading about how others are living the farming/homesteading lifestyle.

  Though I will admit that the stories aren't written in the riveting style of an author like James Herriott (Veterinarian and author of "All Creatures Great and Small" and other books) they are still interesting and what I find to be really, really neat is his Honor and Praise of God in every chapter. He is constantly pointing out God's wonderful workmanship or his provision and more. His worship of our Creator just comes through every chapter that he writes and that is a beautiful thing!

  As a mother I have also really appreciated his tying in lessons on Thankfulness, The Joy of Hard Work, The Benefits of Fun Family Time and things like that in many of his stories. I think that stories like this along with being an example in your own life and learning from the Bible are great ways to teach these things to your kids.

  So if you would like a book that is easy to read and interesting and constantly prompts you to give praise and honor to God - then I would recommend this one. You can find it at Amazon if you would like to purchase it.

  Disclaimer: I was blessed to receive this book free of charge from Life Sentence Publishing for purposes of reviewing. All thoughts however are my own and are true - I was not paid for writing this.

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Mrs. C said...

I found your blog through Life Sentence. Your blog and family are lovely. I will stop by soon with a cup of coffee to visit (read), as I am now about to leave for our church service. May God bless you!

Mrs. C


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