Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lots of Progress on the House

 This was a really great week of progress on the house. It was rather exciting!
On Monday our well was drilled. We don't have electricity or plumbing done in the house yet (next week- I think!) so we can't use the well but still it is done.
 They put up all the trusses on our house.
 The roof sheathing is now on too. Our house is really taking shape and that is so fun! This is the front view.

The house from the back. They were working on the living room bumpout at the time - they still have one to do for the kitchen too.

  Even though today was Saturday our contractor and crew worked for a while. They started getting the stairs done which was pretty exciting.

We were busy working on the house too and Luke and MollyBea came over to help. We started putting our rock ("cultured stone" - really made out of concrete) "foundation" up. We made good progress. We have a window of 4 days where the nights are supposed to stay above freezing in which we will try to get this done. Hopefully it works out!


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