Thursday, October 2, 2014

Frugal Fall Decorating

Flowers leftover from a wedding with some
 beautiful fall leaves.
Something about the beautiful leaves of Fall that God uses to do some redecorating here on earth always makes me want to do some decorating too. Mara following in my footsteps of loving to bring some of the natural things that God has made just a little more up close and personal has also very much been enjoying decorating for fall.

Here is some of what we have been doing lately....
 Mara had fun working on a leaf garland made with Aspen leaves from our driveway. It was so bright and cheerful and fun. It was a perfect decoration for her birthday dinner on Monday (She is now 15!).
 One garland was not enough.
Three garlands was the end result. So pretty!
They have dried and lost their color some but they are still pretty.
 When we were at my parents last week Mara collecting all these Maple leaves and pressed them. Then she glued them to part of a Styrofoam plate (Jonathan had used the middle for fixing his airplane) and we hung them up on the inside of our door.
 On the outside is this rustic wreath. I had in mind a square branch wreath and asked Megan to make it as I was busy getting ready for company. This is what came out -it isn't square but I think it is rather cute.

 Mara also made a big leaf and crab apple arrangement for our table and we have pretty leaves scattered all over.  We are quite happy to bring some fall into our home. It didn't cost a thing but it makes us happy.

 Do you like decorating with autumn leaves? What are the colors like where you live?


Nola said...

My children and I went out collecting leaves in our neighbourhood a few days ago. We will hopefully go again (when it stops raining...). We collected some to do leaf rubbings and my oldest made a card to mail, and we pressed many to use later, and then we put some in glass canning jars, and some on a mirror shelf. The nicest thing I came up with was putting some in 2 glass round balls I have...sort of hard to describe...they are like terrariums but small, about 8 inches high and 4 across. I put leaves in the bottom and up the sides a bit, and crab apples we found too. The way the round ball-like jar works it sort of "magnifies" the items inside. I got them for free one day at the side of the road when I was out walking! They also work well to float flowers in, and I have seen them used as center pieces at weddings. We love the aspen leaves as they make up most of the leaves that turn colour in the forest here. The boreal forest where we live doesn't have a lot of colour in general. We also found some maple leaves and oak and birch on people's lawns. I love using natural items too.

Dina Maria said...

The wreaths are so pretty, and the leaf garland looks like it was so much fun to make.

JES said...

I love the look of your leaf garlands! So pretty and so frugal! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Abbi :) Have a lovely weekend!


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