Friday, October 17, 2014

Through Mara's Camera Lense

Mara loves to notice all the little things in nature.
She says this is a fairy table with acorn seats and a lamp. 
 Last week Mara got a new camera that she had ordered in the mail. She decided to get a pretty nice one this time after saving a lot of money from her cleaning job. In this post I thought it would be fun to share some of the pictures that were taken on her camera.
 Lots of leaves at Grandpa and Grandma's!
 The kids had fun playing in them as we were getting ready to leave my parents after a day of butchering chickens.
 My pretty Mara. On Friday of last week she went to spend a day with her Aunt Keren so that they could have fun trying out her new camera (Keren loves photography). They had fun walking around town and taking pictures.
 Keren by the famous statue in our town.
 A fairy picnic she made.  Mara loves anything that looks like it would be great for "Fairies".

After her day with Keren she also joined two sets of Aunts and Uncles for supper.
 Keren and Benjamin
 and the rather crazy Luke and Bea. I am not sure what prompted this photo but it looks like they were having fun!
 Luke can get much more serious. The next day they came to help us on our house. Here he is working to put up the lath for the rock. His job was to screw into the cement wall which was incredibly difficult.
 Aaron ready to help.
Mixing up the mortar and getting it ready to use.
MollyBea "butters" a rock.

Putting the first section up.
 Saturday was a beautiful sunny day.

 The stairs are taking shape!

 On Monday we worked on putting up rock again.
 My sister Keren came over to help. This strip of rock will have dirt back-filled up to the bottom of the rock.
 Mara found some harebells still blooming (most things have died because of the frosts) - these are one of my favorite flowers.
 Wispy haired Megan.
 A very yummy apple dipped made accidentally (a mistake in following a recipe) by Mara. I will share the recipe soon.
 Megan working on crocheting.
Jonathan still hard at work on the chicken coop. It now has shingles, a window and house wrap. He is working on fascia and Mara and I are working on fencing in the run area.

  That is a peek and some of what has been going on in our lives recently.
What have you been doing?


Anonymous said...

Great photos! I hope Mara is happy with her camera choice.
Jo Ann

Abbi said...

Thanks Jo Ann! She is really liking it so far and has taken some very nice pictures.


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