Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is Genesis True?

"In the beginning God created
the heavens and the Earth"
Gen. 1:1

  This evening at church we enjoyed watching a video where Ken Ham (from Answers in Genesis) spoke about how are society has really changed in what we believe - that primarily we live in an Acts 17 type society (when Paul spoke to people in Athens about the Unknown God - he was dealing with a group that believe in many gods and didn't know the true God) rather than an Acts 2 type of society (Where Peter spoke to many Jews and religious people that already knew God but just need to be told the Good News of Jesus Christ). While I had definitely known that there were many people now who don't believe in God and don't believe God's word is true - I really hadn't thought about how very prevalent that opinion was.

  I, like Ken Ham, do believe that God created the Universe just exactly how He said He did in the book of Genesis - that is was done in 7 literal days and that we have a young earth and that God created things perfectly - there was no need to evolve to some higher form. Ken Ham points out how critical this belief is for the foundation that the rest of the Bible is also true - including that Jesus died for our sins.

  Now, I am very curious about what you all believe. Though I have my guesses about what those who read my blog believe I would really love to hear from you!!!!

 Do you believe in the literal Creation account in Genesis OR Do you believe in Evolution OR do you believe in something in between - such as God created the earth but it took Him millions of years and then there was even more time and so on OR do you believe something else entirely concerning our origin?

I would also love to hear what was most influential in your life in forming your opinion on this.

 Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!


Amy and Mark said...

We believe the Bible to be absolute Truth. Just how it is told. No evolving necessary.

Although Mark and I were both raised Christian and in the church, neither of our families believe this way. Each of us, as adults, came to realize that the Bible is not a "guide" or "example" but it is TRUTH. God's absolute Truth.

It's always nice to read/hear that other families believe what we believe. Thank you for sharing!

Nola said...

Our family believes in the literal 6 day, 24 hour creation as written in Genesis. The two things that influenced me in this way are 1) just reading the Bible it is the only thing that makes sense to me...if it weren't that way, then how can we trust that other words in the Bible are accurate as written? and 2) the resources by Creation Ministries and mainly also Answers in Genesis.
However, sadly, we had to move a few years ago and have run into a lot of trouble with finding a solid church in our area. (And all doors are shut as far as moving somewhere else at this time). The majority of the churches in our area do not believe in Genesis as a literal, 24 hour day 6 day creation. Instead they believe that God used evolution. We were simply shocked to find this out as we didn't even think to ask the leadership at a church we used to attend since it was otherwise a conservative church and their statement of faith seemed to read that they believed in the Bible as written. However as we dug a little deeper and asked questions of the area church's leadership we were further shocked to realize we cannot take this for granted even in a conservative church. We have also found other Biblical principles are lacking in this area. We've been working hard with teaching our children despite the lack of solid examples around us. We call this the desert land as far as Biblical truth being upheld and taught.

Nola said...

Oh I forgot to add...I also watched that video and found it very good. We had to leave a church due to this issue of Genesis.


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