Monday, March 30, 2009

Another reason I love homeschooling

I just had to share these little glimpses into one of our school days.
Jonathan had been reading to me (with Aaron listening in) but after a couple of chapters I said I needed to do some other things but he didn't want to quit and Aaron was quite willing to sit and listen to him.
Meanwhile I thought I had better check on how Mara's schoolwork was going as it sounded like Megan might be bothering her. I went in their room to find this.

They were sitting at Mara's desk, Megan on Mara's lap and Mara was reading all the questions out loud to Megan and then Megan would give her some silly answer and then Mara would say the right one and write it down. They were having such a good time together and Mara was being such a sweet big sister and still getting her work done.

Did I ever tell you that I am blessed?

I am so glad that Mara and Jonathan aren't getting on the bus every morning and then coming home each afternoon with piles of homework. Instead they can do their work while still cultivating lasting relationships with their family.

What are you loving about mothering right now?


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post, Abbi. The pictures are beautiful, too. Thank the good Lord that someone introduced us to homeschooling and getting to enjoy our chilren ALL day! mom

Hannah said...

So sweet! My children are a bit younger, but I am so looking forward to things like this -- the older ones being able to read to or help the younger ones; seeing them build friendships. How precious!

Jennifer said...

I agree! Sibling relationships are a big factor in keeping them home. What a wonderful gift you are giving your children!!!

BlessedMama said...

Family relationships. I love to see my boy and girl playing together. I know that if Javon were gone at school all day their relationship would be very different. This weekend was a VERY busy weekend for us as a family, so today we kindof vegged out a bit. I felt guilty when I sent the kids off to their room to play for a while when they should have been doing school, but then I remember how much time I do spend with them. I can't imagine if they left every morning and didn't come home until it was time to start prepping dinner! Wow, I'm blessed and I know they are as well.

Abbi said...

Thank you all! I so appreciate your comments, they encourage me.It is fun to hear from others that are on the same journey that I am.

martha said...

Love the picture of Mara and Megan! The stories Molly reads are super simple but the other kids enjoy having her read to them already.


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