Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting the most for your dollar when ordering flowers

I love flowers. I also love a good deal.

Though I would love to constantly have fresh flowers in my home and be able to send them to family and friends on a regular basis that just isn't in our budget. When I do decide to send flowers I want a good deal. This week when I was sending some flowers it reminded me of some "tricks" I learned when I was working in the flower shop.

Here are some things I recommend for getting the most for your dollar:
  • Don't wire a floral order from your local florist. Instead look online for a florist in the area that you are sending to, call them directly and order your flowers. (You will need to have a credit, or possibly debit card to do this.) There is a charge for wiring the order and also you can have direct contact with the florist rather than going through another florist.
  • Never order and FTD or Teleflora arrangement. They look nice and are well advertised but you do not get as much for your money. Teleflora and FTD have to pay for all the advertising and name recognition so they of course charge the florist for their services and the vases that come from them cost more as well.
  • Instead explain what you want. Example: Vase or Basket arrangement in such and such colors with some lilies in it. Or "I would like a Spring flower arrangement for $30 . I do recommend leaving some of the decided up to the designer as they know what they have on hand and what is freshest and will look best together. Usually when they have some freedom they will give you more for your money than if you tell them every single flower you want them to use.
  • Do expect to pay a delivery charge. This can vary a bit in the same time so you might want to ask about that before placing an order.
  • For best value choose flowers that will last well like alstroemeria, carnations and mums. I like to mix those with other favorites that might not last as long but can be pulled out when they start looking bad and still leave you with a nice arrangement.

Do you have anything to add to the tips? I would be interested to hear your experience.
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Dear Abbi said...

Ahh, fresh flowers! I am convinced that my mansion in heaven is going to be covered in fresh flowers. :) It's a shame that they are so expensive here in the US. When we visited Europe, there were flower vendors on every corner and the flowers were inexpensive. And every time you visit someone, it's customary to take flowers! Being the visitors (and foreigners) that we were, we received dozens of bouquets of flowers! It was heavenly! I wish it were like that here in the US.

And I have to say that I am startled every time you leave a comment for me, because I see "my" name as the commenter! Not many with our spelling. :) Yay for having the same name!!


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