Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finer Things Friday

Just this evening I was visiting various blogs and found "The Finer Things in Life" where she hosts "Finer Things Friday". I enjoyed the premise of this carnival and thought it would be fun to join in.
One of the Finer things in our life is the friendship that we can have with Ula a 95 year old who is part of our church family.

I have known Ula since I was a baby, when my parents moved up here so that Dad could preach at the church that Ula was (and still is) a part of. During my growing up years she became like another grandmother, (mine lived hundreds of miles away) not just to me but to all the kids in church. She would have us over to her farm for camp outs and was always eager to host some party or another. She also would challange us in our Bible knowledge and encourage us to memorize. She is also a history buff and would encourage us in that way as well.

This winter Ula did finally move away from the farm to an apartment in town but she is still a big part of our lives. She is in church regularly and encourages us to visit her. She often brings candy for my kids and requires a big ear to ear smile as payment for it. They give her the cheesiest grins which always makes her laugh. She can also do a wonderful job of telling stories and knows about every one of the Bible stories.

We are so blessed to have Ula in our lives and that friendship is certainly one of the finer things in our life!

What are some of the finer things in yours?


Relishing Life said...

You have definitely hit the nail on the head! Relationship are such an important part of our lives and are truly what make up the finer things in life! It is amazing how much our "families" grow when we open up our hearts to others.

Sherry said...

What a blessing to have this lady in your life! She sounds like an amazing person.

Amy said...

That is incredibly sweet. I don't know who looks happier in the picture, your daughter or Ula. ;-) Thanks so much for linking up!

Meg said...

What a lovely tribute! We have had quite a few extra Grammas in our lives as well, and we are incredibly blessed by them!

JessieLeigh said...

What a beautiful relationship and a special role that Ula plays in your life. Definitely a finer thing in life- thanks for sharing!


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