Monday, March 9, 2009

A lovely snowy day

It is snowing today and I am loving it. I know it is March and the idea of Spring is very enticing but there is still something wonderful about a foot of so of snow coming down and making everything look so clean and white.

I also have been enjoying the way it makes our house feel extra cozy! This afternoon we were all tired after a very busy weekend and we enjoyed our naps (everyone slept except Mara and of course Ken is at work). I woke up feeling refreshed and then while the younger 3 still slept and Mara quietly worked on a craft I have been able to work on sewing curtains for my office/guestroom. Though I love being able to have the noise of children around me, a little bit of quiet every so often is very nice too.

It seems like we have all been very busy lately, Ken has been swamped at work, I have had a lot to do with my business, my home and especially right now helping to get ready for our Winter Retreat (coming up this weekend) at church. This day has been lovely for getting rested and refreshed!

Thank you God for times of refreshing!


miranda said...

wow, I have to tell you that the snow does LOOK nice. Im not sure I can say I would be as thrilled if it were here. But the sight of it somewhere else is nice. It's a bonus that you are enjoying it. It sounds like you have had a nice relaxing day. Enjoy your snow :).

Anonymous said...

Your snow looks lovely. We have just been having misty moisty weather. Even though they keep forcasting a blizard :) It does have the look of getting icey right now, I suppose. Anna

Becky R said...

what a nice photo. I am so glad you got to relax!


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