Saturday, March 7, 2009

Super Saving Saturday

I had fun with a trip to Walgreens earlier this week.
I bought:
  • 2 gallons of milk on sale for 2.79 each.
  • 2 packages of diapers (we have been having some trouble with bedwetting so I decided during busy times and trips ahead I would rather have diapers than wash sheets.) 2/$9
  • 8 packages of Dove soup which were on sale for $.99 each. With the purchase of 8 I got a $10 register reward (for a $2 overage)
  • One toothpaste was on sale for $3.29, I used a $1 coupon on it and also got back a RR for $3.50. (I thought this one was on sale for $3.49 but it rang up $3.29) I had a $1.21 overage on that one.
  • The other two toothpastes were $1.79 each. I was able to use a $1.50 manufactures coupon on each as well as the coupon from the easy saver book which took off $3.58. I had an overage of $3 on the two of them.
  • I also bought Axe shampoo for $5.99 which I will get a full rebate on.

If I hadn't have gotten the diapers and milk it would have really been a money making trip but those things were needed and were good deals as well (though not free!).


You may remember that I was trying to really cut costs in February and only spend $150 for everything. It went pretty well until about the last day.

I was under budget by about $6 and that had paid for all our food, household stuff etc. (anything that I purchased) It would have covered gas too but we stayed home a fair amount and I ended up not having to fill up all month.

I did end up being a little over however as Ken was needing new work shoes and decided to try some places that consumer reports had recommended online. (Neither Ken or I really like shopping for shoes as he has trouble finding ones big enough and I have been having problems with that lately as well. All of Targets women's tennis shoes were to small!) He found some shoes that would work at .

Well I have been needing new tennis shoes and couldn't find any that I liked that were a good price locally and if we got the order up to $100 we could get $10 off. I ended up finding some tennis shoes for $31 (which after the -$10 they were $21) so I decided to get them. Shipping is free and you can also do exchanges with free shipping.

So that is the story of my "no spend" challenge. It almost worked but not quite.

Have you found any great deals lately? Or saved money some how? I would love to hear and you can also find a lot more deal stories over at Money Saving Mom.

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