Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life's lovely little moments

The other day I looked out the window where the older 3 kids were playing to see that they had all worn their mud boots to cross over the patch of snow and then had taken them off to go barefoot on the snowless patch. I guess Spring is here! They had taken some barbies out and where having fun playing with them in the leaves and twigs and ended up making them a tee-pee too.
Aaron happily made salad for us the other night. He did a great job. It was his idea to add carrots and I got a kick out of the big chunks in the salad. This morning I was finishing doing the flowers for a wedding and Jonathan volunteered to flip pancakes for us. He had a lot of fun doing it and made special pancakes for his younger siblings which pleased them greatly. Sometimes I can get frustrated with my kids and think we have a lot of training still to do but really we are very blessed with some wonderful children. A couple of mornings ago we were talking about birthstones and made me think of my birthstone ring which my parents got for me when I was around 6. It is silver and turquoise and I really treasured it. The kids wanted to see it and enjoyed trying it on. Megan wore it around for a while and it looked very cute on her.
Mom and Dad have baby goats again. On Friday we went out and visited and the kids had a wonderful time playing with them.

Today we were able to go out and tap some Maple trees. I love getting out in the woods and am looking forward to the fresh syrup too!
Inside at Mom and Dad's I thought it was cute to see all the red mud boots together. It is definitely the season for mud boots! I am not sure if I am terribly fond of the mud (especially not when trying to go and get milk at the dairy, it was so gross today!) but I do love Spring!
Thanks be to God for the variety that comes with each season and the love that he shows to each of us!
How has your life been going?

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Bridgett said...

Aaron looks kind of like his cousin Heidi in the salad picture. I enjoy reading your blog Abbi, thanks for posting.


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