Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun at the Wedding Expo

On Sunday afternoon I had a booth at a Wedding expo in town to advertise for me wedding flower business. My sister Anna asked if I had pictures posted anywhere so I decided to put some on here. I actually didn't take many good pictures this year and I am frustrated with myself about that. I never did take a picture of the ice sculptures, my new arch and other things. Oh well. This show I decided to have a fall theme for which ended up being a lot of fun to work on.
A couple of my new experiments were apples in a vase (very simple but rather pretty) and then using branches and little votive cups with flowers and roses to make another arrangement that ended up being rather popular.
Sometimes my pictures don't behave when I am uploading them! This arm bouquet I decided to make with a wheat accent.
Traditional red roses with a little bit of flair.

A basket for a flower girl. I really like these roses!

Mara came and helped me at the expo this time which was rather fun. She loved looking around when I didn't need her help.


Venessa said...

How fun and everything looks so pretty! You do very nice work!

me said...

You are very talented, Abbi!

May I be in Gods kingdom said...

it is very cute I wish I could have been there.

jessicalolene said...

Everything looks so nice. I have been seeing those votives hanging from branches are becoming popular. I have always thought that was very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty arrangements!! Anna

martha said...

Abbi! You are an artist! All the things you put together are so pretty! The yellow/orange rose is VERY pretty.

Abbi said...

Thank you all very much! I have so much fun working with the flowers and feel very blessed to be able to.


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