Friday, March 6, 2009

I guess there is such a thing as a "Free Lunch"

Earlier this week we were out and about in the morning and decided it would be fun to pick up our lunch. Mara and Jonathan are enrolled in the Book-it program through Pizza Hut (Homeschoolers can do it too) and they had some coupons for a free pan pizza to be used. We picked those up from Pizza Hut (I called ahead so they would be ready and waiting). I had also gotten a free sub coupon for Quiznos (They were giving away a million subs) and I also needed to pick something up from the store Quiznos is attached to so I ran in their quick and got those things.
We brought everything home and the kids and I were able to share the sandwich and 2 pizzas (And we did add some apple slices that weren't free and some water that was free) for a perfectly yummy and filling lunch.
I admit I felt a little funny just picking up the free thing without buying anything, BUT since they offered it, I didn't let it bother me too much.
That was one of our activities in our frugal week, what frugal things have you been doing?
For many more frugal tips visit Frugal Friday at Biblical Womanhood. (The last time to be hosted at Biblical Womanhood which I am rather sad about as I have really enjoyed Chrystal's posts but I will look forward to reading the posts at Life as Mom.)

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miranda said...

Don't you love free lunches like that. I remember getting free pizza's with the book it program when I was a kid. I look forward to the day that Kadence will start getting them too.


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