Sunday, March 22, 2009

"I call out to the Lord. I pray to him for his favor.
I pour out my problem to him. I tell him about my trouble.
When I grow weak, you know what I'm going through."
Psalm 142:1-3a
This verse jumped out at my this week. Lately my heart has often been heavy when I know of the hard times that friends and family are going through. When I think of some friends who have recently lost their Mother/MIL and also as I visit with my "little" sister Martha who is undergoing treatment for cancer, I remember life isn't easy. However through it all we have someone who is always listening, always willing to hold us tight and love us and one who knows everything about what we are going through. Who would want to live without Him?
I would appreciate your prayers for my sister. This week she has to have a radioactive treatment and pretty much be in isolation. I am praying not only for her health, but also for good spirits and for her children as they can't be with her.
Even when things might not be easy in life, God still is bringing forth new life! And how cute it is!
We thought these two all cuddled together and keeping warm were very cute.
I am hoping that you are enjoying the benefits of a close relationship with our heavenly Father!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this beautiful verse and I will pray for your sister.



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